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Let Us Manage Your Cheney Rental Property

Are you looking for help with the management of your Cheney real estate? If you are, look no further than Windermere Property Management. Our team of real estate professionals are experienced, passionate, and committed to helping you realize your real estate investment goals.

As a full-service Cheney real estate management firm, we can help you with all your Cheney realty needs, for any home type from studio apartments to detatched homes. We can help you by marketing your Cheney properties, screen prospects, collect rental income, conduct repairs and maintenance, enforce of lease rules and more.

Our goal is to deliver the ultimate rental management experience for you and your residents in Cheney, WA. We will aim to meet and exceed all your expectations.

Don't hesitate to contact us for help with any of your Cheney real estate properties by calling (509) 467-2202 or by filling this form with your details.

Our Cheney Property Management Services

If you are struggling to collect rental payments, respond to those 2AM maintenance calls, fill your vacant rental properties or any other real estate challenge, our Cheney real estate managers have got you covered.

As a full-service real estate management firm, we can help you with all your Cheney real estate management needs. The following are some of the Cheney real estate services we can offer you.

1. Efficient Rent Collection

A Cheney realty owner, rent collection may seem easy, but it's actually harder than it seems.

With us by your side, we guarantee that collecting the rental income will be consistent month to month. We have a system that ensures issues, such as missed or late rental payments, are as minimal as possible.

Additionally, we'll comb through the lease agreement to make sure that all terms are detailed and clear.

Should there be an issue, you can rest assured that we'll handle it to the best of our ability.

2. Regular Property Inspections and Repairs

Our real estate management firm can also help inspect, repair and maintain your Cheney property. A property manager will inspect your investment property when:

  1. Residents are first moving in
  2. We happen to be passing by
  3. Seasons change
  4. Residents vacate the premise

As for repairs, our maintenance staff will respond to all emergency and non-emergency tenant repair requests in a timely fashion. We usually respond to emergency situations within 24 hours upon receiving the request. As for any non-emergency issues, we respond within a couple of days.

We have a list of established, reputable and reliable maintenance staff in Cheney, WA to help us in this regard.

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3. Setting of the Right Rent Amount

Are you having a hard time filling your vacant Cheney property? If you are, the price you are charging could be the reason.

If you're overcharging your rental price, it could be driving prospective residents away. However, if you're underpricing your Cheney rental properties, you will literally be leaving money on the table.

As you can see, both situations are bad for your real estate investment. To maximize your ROI, you need to charge the right rent that is perfectly balanced. And that's where Windermere Property Management comes in.

We have the experience and tools to carry out market research to help you in this regard.

4. Advertising Your Rental Property

Vacancies in your Cheney property should be your worst nightmare because you stop earning income, but the expenses keep racking up with each passing month. We understand this, and that's why we have effective strategies to help you fill your home vacancies as quickly as possible.

Our Cheney realty company will search for the right fits by combing both online and offline strategies for all current listings to market your Cheney realty. For instance, we list it on top rental listing sites like Zillow, Craigslist, and We also put up yard signs as well as post posters and flyers on highly trafficked community bulletin boards.

5. Efficient Tenant Screening

As a property owner, tenant screening is very importance. But we can search for the right people for you. We don't just rent to any tenant that comes along. Our real estate managers only rent to tenants that meet our criteria. That's because we understand the frustration that comes with renting to problem Cheney tenants.

Among other things, problem tenants don't pay their rental payments on time, cause negligent and careless damage, don't notify when maintenance issues come up, and don't rent long-term. With our vigorous screening process, we eliminate these kinds of tenants.

We search through your prospects credit score, income level, conduct background checks and even contact previous landlords for reference.

6. Detailed Financial Reporting

We believe in keeping you in the loop regarding the performance of your Cheney real estate investments. As such, besides keeping you in the know about your Cheney property's finances, we'll also provide you with updates regarding your vacant home, and repairs and maintenance.

In order to access all these vital reports, you can easily log in to your online portal. It's convenient and stress-free!

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Do any of these Cheney real estate management services interest you? If so, contact our Cheney property managers today! We serve all residential property types from studio apartments to detached homes.

About Cheney, WA

Cheney is a city in Spokane County, WA. According to latest census estimates, the population of Cheney, WA is estimated to be 12,977. This makes it 72nd largest city in Washington and the 2572nd largest city in the United States.

0.19% of the population is Native Hawaiian, 1.49% is Native American, 2.71% is Asian, 3.84% is Black, 5.87% is Mixed Race, and 83.97% is White.

The median house value is $188,200, and the median rental costs in recent years comes to $872 per month.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas we Serve

Besides Cheney, WA, we also service the areas of Spokane, Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Deer Park. Liberty Lake, North Spokane, and Spokane Valley.

To work with a property manager receive management assistance for your rental home and benefit from our variety of services, contact our Cheney property managers today.